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Nice thing about it for Notebookers – You are able to Write in Your Lotus Insights

Lotus Tips is an awesome tool just for collaboration and document writing. I mean just who doesn’t understand how awesome Yahoo Docs can be? But what if you wish to share some thing with 10 or more persons around the world? How about if you want to send some important document or web meeting to all of your organization contacts or client list. You can now carry out all this in one easy to use user interface, Lotus Notices is a easy to use web gain access to program designed for Lotus Remarks that allows you to very easily create docs like you would within a real publishing environment.

With this new web-affiliated application it will be possible to access your Lotus Says directly from the Lotus SCLista desktop. No more do you need to set up software on each of your and every computer that will allow one to access the notes. With That lotus Notes it will be easy to open the note publisher right from your desktop computer. This is the initially version with this new internet access version of That lotus Notes, the ultimate release will have even more news.

One of the hottest new features from this new web browser is the incorporation of Microsoft Word. With this characteristic users will be able to edit their particular notes in Word. In addition to just posting text inside the notes section, you can also color code inside your inotes to create different groups. This kind of feature of allowing you to color code in your tips is a very cool addition that will enable users to be organized. As Lotus Hints is compatible with Microsoft Future, it produces an awesome application for cooperation tools.

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